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7 Signs That Tell Your Basement Needs Waterproofing


Ensuring basement waterproofing in your home can save you from wet basement Toronto, and most importantly, tragedy. People think concrete is totally waterproof, not knowing that vapor can weaken foundations. The moment a house foundation cracks, water goes into the basement to damage and destroy the foundation. That is why you need basement waterproofing service in Toronto.  

Why Is Basement Waterproofing Needed?

A leaky basement in Toronto empowers mold and mildew to blossom, causing sickness for people residing in the house. Besides, water build-up results in structural damage and dents of furniture and properties.  

Having your basement dry affords you extra space, which you can utilize to achieve other meaningful purposes.

Basement waterproofing Toronto involves exterior and interior cellar waterproofing strategies that foundation experts apply to prevent water inflow in your basement and future basement leakage.

However, any water leakage type can cause expensive problems if not taken care of. If you can’t guarantee whether your waterproofing is intact and you wish to DIY (Do it yourself), here are some tell-tale signs to look out for.

Basement Waterproofing Toronto

Signs To Watch Out For 

There are various warning signs to look out for that can tell you it’s time to give attention to basement waterproofing in Toronto. Otherwise, it would cost you more in the long run.


  •     Water Marks And Stains

Always watch out for bigger and smaller stains and marks on your basement walls. For example, a whitish or orange streak on the walls indicates that your basement needs urgent fixing.


  •     Cracks On The Floor And Walls

Sometimes, you might not see signs of stains and watermarks. Instead, check for cracks on the walls and floor, especially smaller ones. It may place a potential risk and result in water pressure reinforcing below the basement.

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  •     Typical Mold And Musty Odor

Anytime you smell musty odors around your basement, it is probably water discharge. This sign might not be obvious. However, a strong smell that might be a result of mold growth indicates faulty exterior waterproofing in Toronto.


  •     Efflorescence On The Walls

Identical to water stains, seeing chalky substances gathering on your basement walls means your waterproofing is compromised. This is a consequence of deposits left by water after evaporating. You find this substance around cracks within your basement.


  •     Bowed Basement Walls

This particular sign tells you that your basement has lost its strength. How do you know this? First, you see a lump on the wall. If not attended immediately, it can result in more major wall cracks that allow water to break in and affect the foundation of the house.


  •     Rust And Swollen Wood

An increase in the level of wet basement Toronto causes rust in metallic items in your basement. Always check metal fittings for rust.

Also, wood is exposed to swelling when its moisture isn’t controlled. Anytime your basement door isn’t closing, too much moisture is the culprit.


  •     Puddles Of Water

Water can leak from above the ground to cause a wet basement. Always inspect outside of the basement to check for proper drainage. Never allow puddles of water in your basement.

Summing Up:

Waterproofing your basement is vital to a safer and healthier home. As soon as you spot any of these signs, it is an indication that you must address waterproofing immediately. Therefore, you can get in touch with well-known contractors of Aquatech basement waterproofing company Toronto and get the best basement waterproofing service to prevent any collateral damage to your house.