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6 Causes of Basement Moisture And How To Fix Them


Moisture problems in the wet basement in Toronto are problems that are too common in existence and are being continuously neglected. But then people with their ordinary negligence will forget that this moisture problem will be very costly and bad for them in the future. These problems are mostly misunderstood and do not get taken care of, but it is crucial to understand the problems arising from them. And these moisture problems do not affect the interior of the house but also affect the health of humans.


In this blog, we will see the six leading causes for your basement getting filled with moisture.


Interior Water Leaking

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If there is a leaky basement in Toronto, there are 99% chances of moisture problems in the basement. This problem is the root of this issue. Leakage leads to moisture, and that moisture affects your health.


How To Fix It: Following the water trail from which leakage is happening is the first step. Follow the lead, see where the water pool is, and then fix it. The leak can be improved, repaired, or replaced. The best option is to call a plumber. The basement waterproofing solutions in Toronto would help to prevent interior basement waterproofing problems.


Concrete Cracks


The cracks in the concrete are another issue for moisture problems. Cracks in the walls, floors, or basement can lead to many wet basement in Toronto. This problem is not unusual as cracks can happen in new houses.


How To Fix It: The repairs can be easily repaired without professional help. But if the problem is vast, professional help such as calling a plumber shall be done. The basement waterproofing services Toronto will also help to fix the concrete cracks.


Excess Humidity


Another reason is if there is too much humidity. There would be no way for the air to get expelled when there is excess humidity. So it doesn’t look when water leaks, but it smells like a swamp.


How To Fix It: The dehumidifiers are suitable for solving the excess humidity issue. The need for the number of dehumidifiers depends on how extra it is.


Walls That Are Not Waterproof

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When walls are not that waterproof, they lead to moisture problems and affect the health issues of humans. The cracks also happen due to walls that are not waterproof.


How To Fix It: Shifting from the walls to the waterproof walls would be a good solution. Extreme water-resistant should be used while painting the walls of the house.


When Gutters Or Downspouts Are Damaged Or Missing


The purpose of gutters or downspouts is to direct the rainwater that comes to go away through the foundation of the problem. If this goes missing, it will lead to moisture issues for the house.


How To Fix It: The best solution would be to add the gutters to the place when unavailable. At least one downspout should be there for the 50 ft, and it should be cleaned regularly.


Circulation Issues

If there is insufficient circulation, there will be moisture issues. When there is not enough circulation in the room, the damp will get stuck in between.


How To Fix It: The leading solution is to create a space for the damp air to release air. Then, they should install an exhaust fan at least one or two to remove it.