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5 Things you should never do while Waterproofing your Basement


Basement waterproofing

Sighting water droplets, wet places on the ceiling, walls, and water lodging in the basement can happen anytime in a residential or commercial building. Your building basement does support your structure. Thus, you must not ignore the repair and maintenance of your basement. Hiring a trusted Toronto basement waterproofing company is the right way to do it or find a solution to water leakages in the basement of a building. Here, we have listed five don’ts of basement waterproofing for your building safety.

  • Do It-Yourself Basement Waterproofing

Many of the building owners are worried about the basement waterproofing Toronto price. Hence, they try a DIY or do-it-yourself approach to fix wetting or water leakages happening in the basement of their building. It is not advisable to see some how-to waterproof basement videos online and DIY. Your basement maintenance is worth last long your entire building structure. Any nonprofessional repair service by you can lead to further damages. Thus, you might have to spend 50-time higher than what you have to hire a professional waterproofing company present in Toronto. Therefore, never try DIY when you find water leakages and wet areas located in your residential or commercial building basement. 

  • Waterproofing Basement Walls from Inside and Outside with Paint

The properties near lakeshores and riverfront areas in Toronto are prone to water leakage issues in all seasons. It happens due to the water table level, pressure, and changing weather conditions. Property owners near such places must avoid waterproof paint to fix water leakage issues in the basement of the building. It would help if you discussed with a waterproofing expert from a reputed Toronto basement waterproofing service provider. They will inspect the basement of your building and come with a solution. The use of waterproof paint might be a final touch or extra protection only. Thus, avoid hiring a local waterproofing professional and ask him to paint which is has water resistance properties.  

  • Quick or Emergency Basement Waterproofing Service

Building owners must avoid quick basement waterproofing during the rainy season. During the rain, a drainage pipe leakage, flooding by nearby river water, and water clogging inside the basement due to rainwater are standard. Hence, you have to wait and see the actual cause for wetness or water in the basement. When you hire a nearby basement-waterproofing agent, they might apply a waterproofing solution, which is needed to stop water leakages. Thus, you will have to rework by calling another service provider and will cost you more. It will be better to wait until the rain has slow down, floodwater is drained off, and see nearby water level has lowered to ground level.

  • Drying Time

The residential or commercial building owners must wait and do waterproofing works during the rain. The water spots found in your basement will take time to dry in the winter season. Thus, you cannot conclude the area to fix and take a DIY approach. A waterproofing company can come with the right wet basement solutions when the building basement is dry. There might be some alteration works to be done in the interior or exterior of the basement. Thus, it is advisable to take photos or videos of water leakage areas in the basement and show them to the waterproofing consultant. It is advisable to wait until the basement is dry to get benefit or a permanent solution from wetting, water droplets, and water leakages in the basement of your building.  

  • Hiring a Cheap Waterproofing Contractor

Basement waterproofing Toronto’s price might not be within your budget. Thus, a building owner will hire a cheap waterproofing contractor from nearby his place. It is not advisable to hire them, as they will not do a professional waterproofing solution. Moreover, you cannot expect you will do it within their estimated cost. Sometimes, the price will increase if they found some other areas to fix. The work can be incomplete in such a case, and you will find water leakages even after their career is over. 

Cost of Wet Basement solutions

Basement waterproofing Toronto’s price will differ with service providers. They charge as per the method and materials needed to fix them. The trusted waterproofing agencies will come for a free inspection and gives you a quote. Thus, you cannot put an estimate to do within your budget.  

Conclusion: Hire Trusted Toronto basement waterproofing companies to fix the leakage issues. You can find them by getting references and checking online. It will be better to read some online reviews on waterproofing companies in Toronto. It will help if you hire a contractor with excellent ratings and rankings by real-time property owners in Toronto. It is the right way to select the trusted waterproofing company in Toronto.