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5 Methods of Exterior Basement Waterproofing for Toronto Area Homeowners


Leaky basements Toronto again? It’s hard for every homeowner in Toronto to have the best basements! Every second house cleans the eavestroughs or gets biffed due to uneven exterior basements. Ugh!

Are you looking for Wet Basement Solutions, Eh?

Don’t you worry! Let’s take you through the best exterior basement waterproofing methods, followed by basement waterproofing Toronto

  • Git’r done with Cracks! 

Basements could be the victim of water or humidex. To protect your home from structural damage, exterior waterproofing Toronto will inspect the basements for the repairing of cracks, holes or any other damage to walls that happened to your external premises. 

To do so, the basement waterproofing company Toronto will repair any part of your basement before installing any external drainage system. 

  • Prevent Flooding 

Due to the natural conditions, your basement is prone to floods or water holds. Therefore, to prevent water damage, ground slope correction is essential. For that, basement waterproofing services check if the ground slope is correct in the surrounding basement walls. 

For a better outcome, the ground slope should be five feet from the exterior basement walls at a ten-degree angle to lower the chance of water pooling. 

  • Drainage Systems 

Exterior drainage systems are vital, and basement waterproofing companies will install broad drainage pipes against the basement walls to keep the water away from the home. So, don’t worry about the wet basements or moisture present there. 

Well, you’ll ding a little more for your drainage system. But fortunately, the basement waterproofing Toronto cost is in your wallet. 

  • Exterior Installations 

The home roof is the critical element for basement waterproofing Toronto as it is a protection for both indoors and outdoor. And who doesn’t want to protect their home? 

So if you don’t have a drainage system near your home, you’re at risk. What are you saying? 

Yeah true! Installing gutters and downspouts can make your home fight against a leaky basement. Also, If you already have an external drainage system installed, get’r done with maintenance timely.  

  • Sealing The Walls 

At last, to protect your basement from uneven water damage, you can do the foundation sealing of your home with the proper advice of an expert. Experts know what waterproofing material would be best for your home. 

All you need to do as a homeowner is inspect the waterproofing with routine. Suppose your home needs any repair or replacement, contact basement waterproofing company Toronto without delay. 

Coming To An End, 

Basements are an essential space in your home; it could be your laundry room or a small room to sneak a peek; thus, asking your waterproofing contractor to apply these methods to protect external basements is preferable. 

We suggest you hire a specialist from Aquatech Basement Waterproofing for exterior waterproofing Toronto today! Because no one can see a kerfuffle with the weather, all you can do is protect your home.