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5 Common Basement Waterproofing Problems Aquatech Can Help to Prevent


Most homeowners simply forget about their basement or convert it into a storage space, a hobby corner that they hardly visit or a hangout spot for kids. However, the basement should not be ignored, as it is essential to the up keep of your home’s safety and structural integrity.

Many hygiene and safety issues may crop up if there’s water damage in the basement. It is what makes Aquatech’s basement waterproofing services in Toronto important to prevent a range of problems, such as:

Wall Cracks

You should inspect your basement regularly, and if you notice even a minor crack, don’t ignore it. While most cracks are not a significant concern, one should make sure that even the most minor cracks are professionally inspected. Visible cracks on the floor or wall can lead to water damage in your basement, which calls for expensive repairs. This is why you need basement waterproofing in Toronto to prevent water damage.


A basement is a perfect place for moisture buildup, which shouldn’t be ignored. Why? Because moisture can, over some time, damage your home’s foundation and structure. It can even damage home appliances and electronics by rusting, causing the paint to flake out, stains and discoloration.

Toronto basement waterproofing can prevent these issues from surfacing and not only protect your home’s structure and foundation but make sure a safe and hygienic environment. However, you must get basement waterproofing services from a reputable company to get reliable and durable results.

Musty & Foul Smell

When there’s even minor water damage or moisture buildup in your basement, it can lead to a lingering musty smell not only in your basement but across your home. Don’t shrug it aside, labelling it as a basement smell as it may be a warning sign that basement waterproofing services are required. Not opting for wet basement solutions on time can lead to an increased cost in basement waterproofing.

Property Loss

Contrary to what you think, basement flooding is a fairly common occurrence depending upon where you live. Every effort should be made to prevent basement flooding as it can lead to tremendous property loss worth thousands of dollars. Even if you have flood insurance, getting Toronto basement waterproofing done is a rather intelligent choice. It would protect your property from any significant loss and make sure basement flooding is avoided in the first place.


Mould is one of the top enemies of any homeowner as it leads to a range of problems, including foul smells, structural damage, insect infestation, and water damage. Wherever there’s a lot of water, mould will likely appear if a proper cleaning routine is not maintained.

The basement area is prone to mould, especially if there’s water damage. If you suspect mould formation in your basement or have noticed minor cracks on the wall causing water damage, hire a Toronto based basement waterproofing company to fix these issues and carry out preventive measures immediately.

So, when dealing with a wet basement in Toronto, don’t ignore it as it can prove to be expensive in the long-term and has the potential to harm your home’s structural integrity and hygiene. Whether you want to get exterior waterproofing in Toronto or basement waterproofing in Toronto, Aquatech offers an economical and reliable service you can bank on.

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